Bottle Shack

Thank you to all residents who donate their refundable items at our local Bottle Shack in the Rec Facility parking lot. The funds from these donations are used for the operating expenses of the rinks, tennis courts, and pickleball courts at the Rec Facility.

Do you have 20 minutes of time to volunteer periodically and want to contribute to the community but can’t commit to an activity all the time? The Bottle Shack unload may be for you! Every 6-8 weeks the shack has to be unloaded to the bottle depot truck that comes to pick up the donations. Residents come down to form lines and we pass the contents along from the shack to the truck. We visit and meet new neighbours while we do it! It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. If you want to check it out, come down tonight, Wednesday, November 29th, at 6:00 pm. Ask for Matt and let him know you are a new volunteer. Alternatively, contact us at for more information. Thank you! Every set of hands helps!

Wildlife Affected Area Designation Lifted

As the weather has shifted towards winter, the bears have moved on for the season. As a result, the City of Calgary has advised us that the Wildlife Affected Area designation for Discovery Ridge will be lifted on Friday, November 3.

While the City recommends that bins be stored securely and not placed out overnight for pickup to deter all wildlife from scavenging, the City will not enforce this when the designation is not in effect.

Note: This also means that the temporary 9:00 am bin pickup start time has also been lifted. Bins must again be placed out for pickup before 7:00 am.

Halloween Photo Contest Deadline Reminder

Remember to send us the cutest or spookiest Halloween photo of yourself and/or your family for a chance to win a prize. Email your submission for the annual DRCA Halloween Photo Contest to by November 15, 2023. Entries will be placed in a draw for two movie tickets. Please note that the winning photo will be posted on the DRCA website and in our monthly newsletter.

Remembrance Day: Ward 6

Please join the Ward 6 office and the King’s Own Calgary Regiment on Saturday, November 11, 2023, at 10:45 am for our annual Remembrance Day ceremony at Battalion Park. Originally named Camp Sarcee in 1915, Battalion Park commemorates the soldiers who trained in Calgary for the trench warfare of World War I. Your attendance at this notable ceremony is appreciated as we participate together in a community moment of silence to reflect on the sacrifices made by the brave Canadian Armed Forces.

Discovery Ridge Food Drive Results

Thank you for your contribution to the Second Annual Discovery Ridge Food Drive 2023. The event was a huge success and tons of residents came out to support this wonderful cause. We will keep you updated with the official food donation weigh-in (if received).

The Veteran’s Association Food Bank of Calgary needs donations year round. If you would like to donate directly to this non-profit, please check out their website.

DRCA Communications and Call for Ideas

A few times in the past weeks we have been asked how we communicate to residents. We hope the following information is helpful and answers your questions.

The communication channels the DRCA currently uses are:

  • DRCA Member Emails Sent via MailChimp – This is our primary and most efficient form of communication as we can quickly get information directly to residents. It is the most effective method. Unfortunately, we can only send emails to residents that have given us permission to do so by purchasing a current DRCA membership.
  • DRCA Website – Our website is located at We post as much important information here as possible. It is accessible to all residents.
  • Ridge Review Newsletter – This is the official newsletter for Discovery Ridge. A paper copy is mailed to every household in the community. The DRCA pays for approximately half of the postage.
  • Social Media (FaceBook and Twitter) – These mechanisms are a great forum for certain things but they are not, and will not, be the first or primary form of communication for the DRCA. Note that there are two DRCA Facebook pages:
    • The first Facebook page is called Discovery Ridge Community Association. On this page you will find posts from the DRCA sharing information and advising of initiatives and events. It is available for anyone to read, and users can send the DRCA a message if they have questions. If you only want information and do not want to partake in community chats, this is the page for you!
    • The second Facebook page is called Discovery Ridge Community Discussion. This page was originally developed for residents to have conversations about all things related to Discovery Ridge such as asking for babysitters or sharing beautiful photos or warnings — neighbourly things. It is a public page; however, the recent use of the page is now under review. It is possible that this page will be switched to a private page. This would mean only DRCA members would have access to it, which we have been hesitant to do up until now. There will be more to come on this.
  • Temporary signs – On occasion, signs are placed at the entrance to the community.
  • Community Events, DRCA Board Meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Some residents have suggested that we should contact all households directly on some occasions. We would love to find an expense-free way to do this. It is a challenge that we would appreciate some thoughts on if you are willing. In addition to our direct emails to members, we do make information available to all residents in three formats as listed above. So, knowing this, we believe what some are referring to is perhaps the suggestion of creating direct-to-address, paper mailouts or something similar.

Here’s where you come in:

  1. Do you have an idea for how to communicate with every household in addition to what we are currently doing?
  2. If there would be a cost attached to implementing your idea, please advise how the idea would be funded.
  3. If volunteer time is required to implement your communication idea, would you volunteer to do it? Alternatively, suggest how the additional volunteer time required would be covered.

Email your suggestions or comments to

It is important to note that while many have suggested that the New Discovery Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) could give us their database because they have most of the community’s email addresses, this is absolutely not possible. There is a host of privacy regulations that would be violated if the NDHA shared that database. It would be entirely inappropriate for the NDHA to do so.

We are looking forward to hearing tangible ideas and reviewing your suggestions.

DRCA Email List

The database we use to send emails to our members via MailChimp will be updated on October 22, 2023. After this date, we will only have permission to send direct-to-resident emails to current 2023-2024 members. We hope you’ll buy or renew your membership to allow us to stay in touch as our community emails are our most effective form of communication.

The $25 annual DRCA membership can be renewed online at

Second Annual Discovery Ridge Food Drive

The Second Annual Discovery Ridge Community Food Drive is a wonderful opportunity to give back. The event will take place in the Cornerstone Shopping Centre on Saturday, October 21 from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. All food donations go to the Veterans Association Food Bank of Calgary. Please bring non-perishable food donations only.

Thank you to our sponsors: Kristin Mould — CIR Realty, New Discovery Fine Wines & Spirits, Discovery Dental Centre, and Cutting Edge Barbershop. Enjoy promos at the participating businesses during the event! New Discovery Fine Wines & Spirits will be offering 10% off of all products (from 11-3pm).

We can’t wait to see you there! Please reach out to for more information.

Retrofitting Bins with Latches

We are aware of many excellent efforts residents are making to protect our special community and its wildlife. One of the ideas that has been mentioned is adding latches of some kind to our existing bins. We reviewed this with the City to see if it could be a viable option and, unfortunately, with the bins we currently have, it is not. Specifically, the City says:

In short, it’s because the current bins are not strong enough to deter a bear.

Bear resistant carts are retrofitted/reinforced with metal or double-walled plastic in order to maintain the integrity of the cart in case pressure is applied while it is knocked over and to reduce the success of animals from chewing through key points. We’ve learned that the frequent chew point for bears is through the plastic that connects the lid to the body of the cart.

Potential locking mechanisms like bar locks across the lid require a reinforced lid – without that, any pressure applied to the lid causes the bar to pop off (as learned in Port Coquitlam).

Other retrofitted “locking” mechanisms include wires and carabiners and similar and while those may deter smaller wildlife, like racoons, feedback from bear experts has found that black bears quickly learn to insert their claws between the wire or anywhere they can get leverage and pull. Or just chew through the plastic.

Grizzly bears and black bears typically used different techniques for accessing garbage in carts, and bear resistant carts need to be designed to thwart both. Grizzly bears will often use brute force – cart testers call it the “CPR method” as the bears will bounce up and down the sides of the carts, waiting for the cart or lock to fail. Black bears don’t seem to rely on their strength as much and they’ll usually use their problem-solving skills to open carts, using their claws and teeth to pry open anywhere they can get into.”

The DRCA will continue to advocate for alternative wildlife-resistant green bins for Discovery Ridge.

City Communication Methods with Discovery Ridge

Recently, the DRCA was asked how the City communicated information about the Wildlife Affected Area designation with our community. The City replied, saying:

For reference, the City will be notifying Discovery Ridge residents via:

  • Garbage Day app alerts
  • Social media posts
  • Updates on the City’s website
  • Letters mailed to residents

In addition, the City provided information about the designation to the DRCA. The DRCA shared this information with the community via emails to our DRCA membership list, news posts on the Discovery Ridge website, and on FaceBook.

Please direct questions and/or comments on this matter to 311.