Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What is the function of the Discovery Ridge Community Association (DRCA)?

The DRCA exists to represent the community of Discovery Ridge and it’s residents, for all matters not under the NDHA (New Discovery Homeowners Association) umbrella. An elected Board of Directors oversees the Community Association.


2)      How is the DRCA Structured?

The DRCA is run entirely by volunteer residents of Discovery Ridge. They commit their time and efforts to the betterment of the community.

The Association has a Board of Directors and then numerous Sub-Committees to oversee the daily functions of our community.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors must consist of a minimum 6 elected officials, up to a maximum of 20.

Within the Board there is an Executive Board consisting of a President, Vice Presidents, Secretary and Treasurer

Others elected to the Board are Directors.


The following Committees are in place:

  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Membership
  • Recreation Facility
  • Safety & Security
  • Social/Special Events
  • Traffic
  • Ring Road

3)      What DRCA Sub-Committee exist and what are their functions?

Sub Committee plan and work through relevant topics for their respective area. They determine strategies and budgets as well as implement and monitor related initiatives. Each Committee has a Chair and at least one DRCA Board Member sits on each Sub-Committee and holds the responsibility to report back to the Board at each monthly Board meeting. Sub-Committees prepare requests for expenditures but all such expenditures can only be approved at the Board level.  Each Sub-Committee has the following responsibilities:

Communications Committee:

  • The DRCA website
  • Our official community newsletter the Ridge Review, which is published 5 times each year
  • Monthly members only e-Communications
  • Additional E-Communications as required
  • Social Media

Fundraising Committee:

  • Bottle Shack
  • Raise the Park Campaign
  • Grants
  • Casino’s

 Membership Committee:

  • Works towards the goal of all Discovery Ridge residences holding a valid DRCA membership

 Recreation Facility Committee:

  • Planning and development of the Recreation Facility
  • Ice Rink Sub- Committee
  • Tennis Court Sub-Committee

 Safety & Security Committee:

  • Liaising with with our Calgary Police Service Community Liaison Officer on matters relevant to Discovery Ridge.
  • Griffith Woods Sub-Committee
  • Graffiti Sub-Committee

 Social/Special Events Committee:

  • Coordinate special events such as:
    • Stampede Breakfast
    • Fall Fun Run
    • Galas
    • Santa at Javino’s
    • Swim with Santa
    • Pumpkin Hunts
    • Family Skates

Traffic Committee:

  • Liaises with the City of Calgary and Province of Alberta on traffic matters
  • Works with the residents of the community to identify and improve traffic concerns

Ring Road Committee:

  • This newly formed committee will be monitoring Ring Road decisions and progress

4)      How does one join the DRCA Board of Directors or a Sub-Committee?

To express an interest or simply ask questions about any role or committee please email:


5)      How obtain a membership to the DRCA?

The membership year runs from September 1st – August 31st. Membership is $25/household and is due annually.

Membership can be purchased online by clicking here or by clicking of the “purchase/renew Membership” icon on the Home screen of this website.


6)      What benefits are there to DRCA membership?

All DRCA Members In Good Standing ($25 annual fee paid up to date) are eligible to vote at the AGM.

The greater our membership, the better the DRCA can serve its residents and the stronger our collective voice when lobbying on community concerns with the City of Calgary.

For the nominal cost of $25 we offer so much! Some highlights include:

  • Recreation Facility: the design and construction of a new ice rink, tennis courts and the seasonal maintenance of each.
  • Fundraising: Raise the Park initiative for Phase 2 Recreation Facility development
  • Traffic: Liaising with the City re: traffic safety, improving Highway 8 and other concerns
  • Communications: this Website, Facebook, Ridge Review newsletter, regular member-only e-communications.
  • Special Events: Stampede Breakfast, Disco Fall Fun Run, Swim with Santa, Fire & Ice Gala
  • Safety and Security: Collaborating with residents and police/fire to prevent and combat crime and vandalism
  • Environment: promoting wise use of our land, water and other resources


7)      Do I need to sit on the Board of Directors or a Sub-Committee to volunteer?

No. Volunteers are continually needed for a multitude of events and initiatives. There is a fit for everyone’s preference whether that is a Board Member, a Committee member or not. An hour or two of time for a particular event can make a big difference as well.


8)      What community Volunteer opportunities exist?

All of the Sub-Committees have opportunities within them. It’s just a matter of selecting an area you are passionate about and assisting with relevant current matters.

There are re-occurring opportunities for the Ice Rink and Tennis Courts

Additionally, all of our Special Events (Stampede Breakfast, Disco Fall Fun Run, Galas, etc.) have opportunities that include planning, seeking of donations/sponsors, or day-of-event shifts

For details on any opportunities or to simply express an interest and ask questions, please contact the DRCA President at


9)      How much time do I need to commit if I volunteer?

It depends what volunteer role interests you. A Board member typically commits a few hours a month on top of the monthly Board Meeting. In addition, most Board members also sit on at least one of the Sub-Committees. Sub-Committees can take 1-10 hours per month depending on the current community needs and initiatives.

Additionally, we have several events such at the Stampede Breakfast where we need volunteers the day of for 2-5 hours. These types of options can be once a year or more as offered by the volunteer.


10)    What is the difference between the NDHA (New Discovery Homeowners Association) and the DRCA?

The NDHA is responsible for green space maintenance, boulevard/median plantings, winter pathway snow clearing and winter lights.

The DRCA is responsible for other community matters and acts as the official “voice” and liaison to the City of Calgary.