Safety & Security

For recent crime statistics as provided by the City of Calgary, please click HERE.

We can all work together to discourage the dangerous, destructive and illegal activities that can happen in Discovery Ridge and the adjacent Griffith Woods Park.

We must all do our part to ensure it remains a family oriented and safe neighbourhood and beautiful City park. Ensure that you lock your vehicles and be on the look out for suspicious activity within Griffith Woods Park including people who are hiking in with coolers, fire wood or who are being a general nuisance & misusing the area.

We ask all Discovery Residents to do their part and report what they see:

Call 911 for:
– Drinking and Driving
– Open Fires
– Illegal or suspicious activity underway
– Public Intoxication or Disturbing the Peace
– Graffiti in progress
– Vandalism in progress

Call Police Non-Emergency 403-266-1234 for:
– Unusual situations such as vehicles parked and “exchanging” items in the dark through car windows
– It is imperative that all non-911 matters are called in to this number so there is a record and statistics can be built. An example could be cars parked in the parking lot at 10pm (technically the park is still open), music on, wandering in and out of the park. In situations like this, although non-emergency, there are clearly suspicious activities occurring.

Call 311 or report online (which includes City of Calgary Bylaw) for:
– Dogs off Leash
– Vehicles parked in the Griffith Woods Parking lot after hours
– Graffiti
– Vandalism to Griffith Woods

Calgary Police Service – Drug Tip Line 403-206-8100 if:
– You know of, or suspect – any drug dealing

The DRCA has this matter as a high priority item but we cannot solve the problem without community support. We need residents to be fully aware and to report any and all activities. It is the reporting that becomes the primary measurement for how important the matter is in relation to other matters around Calgary. Please report all activity to the appropriate area so we can ensure that our community and Griffith Woods Park remain safe and secure.