Flood Preparedness

Flooding can happen quickly. Take simple steps to be ready.
By The City of Calgary
As we approach the time of year when Calgary is most likely to experience river flooding, we’re ready, but it’s important that you’re flood ready too.

On the Elbow River, the installation of higher gates on the crest of the Glenmore Dam completed last year has doubled the amount of storage in the reservoir so we can manage higher river flows in the spring (up to moderate level floods, similar to the flood in 2005). And in preparation for this year’s flood season we’ve already lowered the reservoir, stockpiled riverbank protection and temporary barrier materials and trained staff to respond in case of an emergency.

While our staff are monitoring conditions 24/7 so that we can provide residents with the earliest possible warning if flooding arises, floods can still happen quickly, so it’s important to be prepared.

  1. Understand your risk. Check The City’s flood maps to find out if your home is at risk of river flooding.
  2. Be prepared.
    This includes taking precautions to prepare your family and your property.
    – Move valuables and documents out of your basement.
    – Review your emergency plan and safe accommodations in the event of an evacuation.
    – Contact your insurance company to review coverage in the event you must evacuate.
    – Check your downspouts, sump and backflow preventer valves as part of your regular home maintenance schedule.
  3. Stay informed.  River conditions can change quickly. Go to calgary.ca/floodinfo to sign up to get alerts.

What’s the status of the Springbank Reservoir (SR1) project?
Earlier this spring, the Springbank Reservoir completed the last step for regulatory approvals, and we’re eagerly awaiting decisions from the provincial and federal regulatory review process, which should be made this summer.

For more tips and resources, visit calgary.ca/floodinfo, and subscribe to The City’s flood e-newsletter to get current river conditions and tips delivered every Friday to your inbox.