Bottle Shack

Did you know there is a place to drop off your empty cans and bottles right here in Discovery Ridge? The DRCA bottle shack is located in the parking lot beside the playing fields and recreation facility, across from the Cornerstone mall. The money made from your donations is used to pay for the operation and maintenance of the recreation facility.

To donate your empties to the community:

  • Put your bottles and cans in bags or boxes.
  • Make sure the bags are tied and the boxes are taped shut. This helps keep our volunteers safe when they empty the bottle shack.
  • Open one of the chutes and slide in your bags and boxes.

We are always looking for volunteers to help empty the shack. If you can volunteer 15 minutes of time every month, please submit a Volunteer Form.

The bottle shack’s mural was painted by local artist Emily Beaudin in the spring of 2023. The design was chosen to make the bottle shack a feature of our community space.