Residential Traffic

The Calgary Police Service’s Residential Traffic Safety Unit (RTSU) was created specifically to address residential traffic issues. It focuses on playground zones, areas with large numbers of pedestrians, and high-risk locations identified through collision data analysis. The RTSU provides public awareness, education, and community engagement. It also works with the city on traffic solutions that include sign changes, crosswalk installations, rectangular rapid flashing beacons, and playground zone extensions.

The RTSU relies on citizen feedback from its Traffic Service Request system (TSR). The TSR helps the Calgary Police Service monitor and track traffic safety issues. You can submit a TSR online on the police service’s Traffic Service Requests page.

Deerfoot Trail Construction

Construction work to improve the safety and reliability of Deerfoot Trail has begun near 64 Ave NE. While Discovery Ridge will not be impacted directly by this work, the city recognizes the improvements to Deerfoot Trail have the potential to impact travel times and affect residents of communities across the city. For more information, read the Deerfoot Trail Improvements Community Notice or visit the project website. You can also subscribe to project updates by visiting the project’s Stay Informed page. Inquiries can be directed to the project team by email at