Bears in Discovery Ridge

In 2022, four bears were euthanized in Discovery because they became reliant on our garbage for food. Access to food (things with a scent) is the most significant contributor to human-bear conflicts. This supports a strategy of reducing bear access to garbage.

To that end, several residents stepped forward to begin work to prevent similar outcomes in the future. To minimize the risk of negative human-bear interactions, the committee is leveraging these winter months, when wildlife activity is lower, to remind everyone to make room in their garage/shed to store all bins (black, blue, and green) inside from April – October, at a minimum.

In addition to bins being stored in garages/sheds, the DRCA is encouraging community members ensure all bins (black, blue, and green) are not left outside during the week and are put out curbside no earlier than 5:00 am MST on the day of pickup.