Sponsorships Sought

If you have a business or know of a business that would be interested in providing some sponsorship to some of our events, such as the Stampede Roundup or Music in the Park, we would very much appreciate hearing from you at: drca-pres@discoveryridge.com.

Stampede Roundup Sponsors

The amazing events that occur in Discovery Ridge couldn’t be the events that they are without our most generous sponsors. We cannot thank them all enough! This year’s sponsors include:

  • Kristin Mould, CIR Realty – DR resident and DRCA Volunteer Board Member
  • Ron Liepert, MP Calgary Signal Hill
  • Richard Pootmans, City of Calgary Councillor Ward 6, Community Grant
  • Staging Calgary
  • New Discovery Fine Wines
  • Maharajah Restaurant
  • Wonder Donuts

Bin Set Out Times

City of Calgary Waste & Recycling representatives will be out in Discovery Ridge on bin pickup days this week. They will be tagging carts with reminders if they are placed out prior to 5 a.m.

Additionally, we have been advised that feedback provided to the City with regard to bins needing to be placed out for pickup only between 5-7 a.m. shows this is too tight of a time slot. The City is currently reviewing route schedules to start pickup in Discovery Ridge later than 7 a.m. to create a longer window for bin placement at the curb. We will provide an update as soon as more specific information is known.

Stay bear informed at this website: https://www.calgary.ca/waste/residential/be-bear-smart.html. Sign up for the Calgary Garbage Day app to receive updates and notifications.

#keepbinsin & Don’t invite bears for a midnight snack!

Casino Volunteers Needed

Casino: May 21 & May 22 @ Cowboys Casino
This is our biggest fundraiser, and we are only granted a casino approximately every 18 months. There are still shifts to be filled. Please help!
Contact Lillian at volunteer@discoveryridge.com.

Parade of Garage Sales

We are happy to announce this year’s date for the Parade of Garage Sales is Saturday, June 10. Happy garage sale-ing to all those to wish to set up their sale and happy shopping to those who are looking for bargains.

Wildlife and Human Cohabitation


Please answer your door on May 3rd when the City of Calgary Waste & Recycling Services team will be door knocking in Discovery Ridge. This is an educational campaign very specific to our community and is part of the work being done with the DRCA to support positive wildlife and human cohabitation. The team will have stickers for our green bins with them as well.

REMINDER: Please secure your bins and do not place them out until the morning of pick up. This is a widely proven method to minimize negative wildlife/human issues. Let’s work together to prevent any similar outcomes to last fall when bears had to be euthanized after becoming habituated to human garbage and compost.

Don’t invite bears for a midnight snack! Stay bear informed at this website: https://www.calgary.ca/waste/residential/be-bear-smart.html

Download the Calgary Garbage Day app to receive updates and notifications about garbage pickup dates.

Street Sweeping

It’s springtime and that means street sweeping. Discovery Ridge is currently scheduled to receive street sweeping on May 8th. Please be respectful to the street sweeping crews and your neighbours by ensuring all vehicles are removed from the street so all streets can be cleaned properly.

Moose in Griffith Woods

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – as far away as possible! Many residents have seen one or more of the majestic moose in and around Griffith Woods recently. How lucky we are to live here with Griffith Woods and wildlife as our neighbours! However, this cohabitation can bring about safety concerns if we don’t handle ourselves appropriately. For the safety of yourself, the moose, and other residents who may encounter them in the future, please keep your distance and keep dogs on-leash.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife has been a very helpful partner in guiding our community with regard to how best to approach the moose situations. They advise the reason that moose charge is due to people getting too close. They may not even charge at the person that got too close but perhaps another innocent person further away. It is imperative that people do not get close, please do not try to get a better photo by moving towards a moose or have off-leash dogs that might run at the moose, thereby scaring them.

If you do encounter a moose, immediately back away from them to give them as much space as possible. If they do charge, run away as quickly as you are able to and step behind a large tree if need be.

Let’s leave the wildlife alone to enjoy their home in the woods, while keeping each other safe by simply keeping our distance from them!

To learn more: https://www.alberta.ca/moose.aspx.

Pathways and Trails: The Missing Links

DRCA representatives are meeting with the Calgary Parks Department to discuss the completion of the “missing link” multi-use pathways (and Rotary Greenway) between our community and Westhills Way. This will, in future, allow our residents to walk or cycle to Glenmore Park and connect to trails to downtown.

We continue to ask the City to restore the area around the Elbow Valley Constructed Wetland (damaged by the Ring Road) back to quality parkland. Some residents will recall that this area included benches, picnic tables, interpretive displays, and even a gazebo built by volunteers from our community and other organizations.