Alberta Fish & Wildlife has closed a portion of Griffith Woods Park, including some pathways. There is an active bear in the area. Bear traps have been set in an attempt to capture the bear and safely relocate it. All Discovery Ridge residents are asked to assist with this being a successful endeavour.

Unfortunately, there are now reports that the bear has accessed residential waste from bins being stored outside of homes but not secured. Please do your part and ensure wildlife, in particular bears, cannot access the contents of your bins. This will be one of the key factors in protecting residents and the bear.

The City of Calgary says:
Bears in the area. Please practice the Bear Smart best practices for waste to prevent attracting bears to your carts.               

  • Don’t put carts out overnight.
  • Set carts out between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. on collection day.
  • Put carts away after collection.
  • Store your cart inside a garage or other secure enclosure.

Let’s keep your neighbours and any visiting bears safe!