Bears and Bins in Discovery Ridge

As previously communicated, the DRCA’s request to the City of Calgary from the onset was twofold:

  1. To have the City provide its expertise and resources regarding appropriate waste and recycling practices for a community such as ours.
  2. That Discovery Ridge immediately be considered for alternative wildlife-resistant green bins.

With the recent passing of the Waste Bylaw amendment, the DRCA has now formally contacted the City again this week to request:

  1. That the decision not to proceed with alternative wildlife-resistant green bins for Discovery Ridge be revisited.
  2. That bin pickups not begin prior to 9:00 am in Discovery Ridge.

We understand the challenges both of the requests come with; however, we feel they are surmountable and reasonable for our community and its residents.

We continue to encourage residents to contact 311 if they have feedback, concerns, or suggestions on this matter. This is one of the primary sources the City uses to consider feedback.

Note: There were three (3) 311 contacts in the month of August regarding this matter. While FaceBook, etc., is a mechanism for conversation and thought sharing, comments on Facebook do not affect the City’s review or decision making process. If you’d like your voice heard, please contact 311.