Pathways and Parks Update

Thanks to those who responded to the DRCA Planning Committee’s last update on improving our community’s pathways and parks. We plan to reconnect with the City of Calgary and Alberta Transportation in September, and your support is greatly appreciated.

Our main request to the City is to connect Discovery Ridge to Westhills Way with a multi-use trail or paved pathway We are also asking that they redesign and restore the Elbow Valley Constructed Wetland at the east end of our community. Long-time residents will recall this was built with donations and help from our community and other organizations. It was partly sold and remaining improvements (seating, picnic shelter, displays) demolished in 2019/20 by the City of Calgary to accommodate the Ring Road.

Our ask to Alberta Transportation is equally simple — please show a conceptual alignment (line on the map) for a Multi-Use Trail (MUT) from Westhillls Way to the City boundary on the south side on the Ring Road (Hwy 8). Alberta Transportation has already done this for the west Ring Road, which can be seen on their website.

We believe both these requests to be reasonable and fair. What do you think? Our massive three-person committee can be contacted at, and we’re always looking for help