A message from your Board President

The DRCA is very aware of our community’s concern with the proposed re-alignment of the Enmax power lines north of our community. We are sending this quick update to let you know we are investing significant time and effort into this matter.

Prior to Spring Break we met with Enmax representatives and another meeting is planned in the coming weeks. We have also been working closely with the Slopes and Springbank Hill communities as we have shared concerns. Furthermore, many of the community representatives have indicated a preference to have the lines buried, and we are working on understanding the reasonableness of this option. Regardless, the DRCA Board is committed to being organized and thorough. Much research and investigation has occurred over the past 2 weeks and will continue.

Our committee overseeing this matter has been meeting regularly to pull together information as it becomes available and to strategize. Their findings will be reviewed with the DRCA Board of Directors on Monday. We will then be in touch again with more information.

Alberta Transportation is in charge of the Ring Road project. They are the group instructing Enmax to relocate the lines. Enmax is executing on that directive with alignment proposals based on information provided to them. We believe there is a need for more comprehensive dissemination of information and better collaboration between Enmax and Alberta Transportation (and their contractors).

The DRCA Board is working at a feverish pace, with professionalism and a balanced approach that represents as many views as possible. We remain very mindful of our community’s best interests.

Jacquie Hansen-Sydenham
President, DRCA