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Volunteers Needed for Events and Activities

Music In the Park

Planning for this spectacular community event begins at this time of year. This year’s event is scheduled for September 7th, 2024.

Our previous Music In The Park Lead, Anil Tahiliani, has retired from his role on the DRCA Board and as Special Events Lead. His years of volunteerism will always be appreciated! Additionally, after this year, another of our key Music In The Park volunteers will likely be retiring from his role as well. Moving forward, in order to proceed with this event we are going to divide out the work into easy-to-manage sections, so we require a minimum of 5 new volunteers to step up and job shadow through this year in preparation for next year. You don’t need to be a DRCA Board member to take on any of these tasks. There are Board Members on the Committee to assist with overall coordination and Board Member Lillian will take Lead for this year, so there is plenty of support available to learn from.

The Music In The Park roles we require immediate volunteers to job shadow through 2024 are:

  • Facilities (arranging the fence rentals, port-a-potty rentals, Food Truck bookings)
  • Sponsors (securing sponsorship, ensuring sponsors are welcomed, ensure tents, tables, chairs, etc., that they will require are part of the set-up plan)
  • Music (booking the stage with equipment and selecting the musical performers)
  • Administration (obtaining license, permits, etc.)
  • Entertainment & Games for Kids (booking and helping with setup and oversight if required)

Parade of Garage Sales

The current suggestion is May 11th, in advance of the Community Cleanup on May 18th. We require 1 volunteer to assist with this. There is not much to do outside of:

  • Draft up communications with the details.
  • Post on Kijiji or similar and on other garage sale sites.
  • Book a sign to advertise.

Community Cleanup

Community Cleanups provide an opportunity for Calgarians to dispose of items that do not fit in their waste and recycling carts. Our annual community cleanup event is scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2024. As last year, 3 communities — Discovery Ridge, Signal Hill, and Springbank Hill — have combined volunteer efforts and are sending volunteers to the event. We are required to send 8 volunteers from our community. If you would like to help, please email Andrei (DRCA Environment Lead) at romaniuk.ag@gmail.com. Please email Andrei on or by Tuesday, April 30, to arrange your shift time.

Event Date: Saturday, May 18th, 2024
Location: Westside King’s Church parking lot (SE corner of Springbank Blvd and 69th St SW)
Time: 9 am – 2 pm (2-hour shifts)

Discovery Ridge is required to provide 8 volunteers of the 30 required if we wish to participate. Shifts will be 2 hours. Duties include: directing traffic, helping people unload their items, supporting City workers and vendors, answering questions, promoting community memberships, etc.

For more information on the event see Community Cleanups.

Stampede Roundup

We require 2 or more new volunteers to step up here as well. Jobs include:

  • booking things such as: food trucks, petting zoo, library truck, port-a-potties, and line dancers
  • organizing games and activities for the kids

Food Truck Event

We require 1 volunteer to book the food truck days with the food truck coordinator and ensure the site is ready for the truck’s arrival. The DRCA will assist with dates for events.

Bottle Shack

The shack is unloaded every few months, usually on a Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm. With 6-8 volunteers it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete the unload. A line of volunteers is formed from the Bottle Shack to the depot truck. Volunteers pass along boxes and bags of bottles for transportation to the recycling plant. Volunteers must be able to handle boxes of wine and bags of drink containers. Bring gloves. It’s fun!

Ice Rinks

Stay tuned in the fall for these requirements. There are several volunteers retiring after many years of rink volunteerism so they will have to be replaced to ensure we can have ice next winter.

For any and all things volunteering, please contact Lillian at: volunteer@discoveryridge.com.

Volunteer Appreciation

It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week! Thank you to all our volunteers here in Discovery Ridge who support our community and help to make it the amazing place it is. Your gifts of time, energy, and expertise are so greatly appreciated.

Our volunteers contribute to our community in numerous ways including casinos, bottle shack unloading, rink crew duties, organizing events like Stampede RoundUp and Music In The Park, serving on the DRCA Board, participating in various committees, and, finally, managing our Communications Team responsible for the website, Ridge Review, and social media. Thank you all!

“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they have the heart.” – Elizabeth Andrew

Housing Rezoning

We encourage all residents of Discovery Ridge to thoroughly review how blanket rezoning will impact them and the community of Discovery Ridge. For information on this issue, see the Rezoning for Housing website.

The deadline for submissions to the project team is April 11th, 2024. The deadline for Public Hearing submissions is April 15th, 2024. See Ways to Provide Input for instructions.

This is a very important topic, so please ensure your opinions are heard!

Bottle Shack

Did you know that Discovery Ridge has a community bottle shack where you can deposit your refundable bottles and containers? It is conveniently located in the parking lot adjacent to the community recreation facilities (rink and tennis courts).

The Discovery Ridge Community Association (DRCA) uses the proceeds from the bottle shack to help maintain and operate our facilities. We collect about $2,000 each time the bottle shack is unloaded! The proceeds are an important part of our funding in addition to community memberships that we remind and encourage all residents to purchase annually.

Every few months we look for volunteers to empty the bottle shack, and emptying the shack usually takes 20 minutes or less. We can always use new recruits to come and help out. Our next unload date is tonight (April 10 at 6:00 pm)! To volunteer to help, contact Lillian at volunteer@discoveryridge.com.

When you use the bottle shack, please remember to tie the bags and tape the boxes to help keep things safe and simple for our dedicated volunteer who stacks and re-packs the facility regularly.

Please consider using the bottle shack for your refundable items to help us fund our facilities.

Spring Wildlife

“The Boss”, sometimes described as the most dominant grizzly bear in and around Banff National Park, is awake! This tells us spring is upon us and additional wildlife sightings and encounters are bound to occur around Discovery Ridge. Coexisting with wildlife is one the benefits of our special community, but this also requires caution and mutual respect. Let’s coexist positively!

Hockey Rink Closure

The unseasonably warm weather has taken its toll on the ice rinks. As a result, the hockey rink is now closed and is expected to remain closed for the balance of the season. The leisure ice will remain open for as long as possible.

This decision was difficult to make, but with the season ending in a few short weeks anyhow and the utility bill doubling last month due to the water use required to salvage the rink after the last warm spell, it may be cost prohibitive to continue to try to salvage and rebuild the ice for such a short period of time.

If you are one of so many that love the rinks, please consider volunteering next year to be part of the rink crew team!

AGM on February 26

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on February 26 at 7:00 pm, via Zoom, during which elections for our 2024 DRCA Board will be held. For get the Zoom link, please email drca_pres@discoveryridge.com.

The AGM is open to all Discovery Ridge residents; however, only members are eligible to vote. To purchase or renew a membership, see our Membership page.

Please consider getting involved with the DRCA as a board member. We have positions to fill! The DRCA Board is an elected board of volunteers, and our bylaws allow for up to 20 active board members. If this is something you’d be willing to consider, please reach out to us at drca_pres@discoveryridge.com.

Skating Party Postponed

Due to warm weather, we must cancel our DRCA Community Skating Party planned for Sunday, January 28. Stay tuned for a new date. We’re hoping for colder weather as it is winter after all.

City of Calgary Housing Strategy – Discovery Ridge Is Impacted

With the approval of The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy, Council directed Administration to take bold actions to address the housing crisis. One of these actions is to rezone low-density residential properties to allow for more forms of housing (including single-detached, semi-detached, rowhouse, and townhouses) throughout all communities. As mailouts about rezoning reach Calgarians this week, public interest on the topic is expected.

The City’s Rezoning for Housing website includes information on upcoming webinars and open houses, FAQs, timelines, resources, and a link to an Engage page for Calgarians to provide their questions and comments. The site also provides an interactive address map to see which land parcels will be affected by citywide rezoning.

The dates/times/locations of the upcoming webinars and open houses as well as the opportunity to sign up to receive project updates can also be found at engage.calgary.ca/rezoningforhousing,