Snow Clearing on Sidewalks and Walkways

We are fortunate to have so many pathways and sidewalks throughout our special community, but when colder temperatures arrive they can become icy and treacherous on occasion. Did you know our partners at the New Discovery Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) oversee green spaces, snow removal, and holiday lights for our community pathways? However, the NDHA does not clear snow on the sidewalks adjacent to roads. This explains why some areas are so well cared for and others have very different conditions. The City of Calgary is directly responsible for the sidewalks along Discovery Ridge Boulevard and Discovery Ridge Hill in addition to a few smaller areas. It is also important to note that while the NDHA continues to use ULS to maintain our community pathways, the City no longer uses ULS for the walks they are responsible for. If these city-controlled sidewalks are not maintained to a reasonable, safe standard similar to those the NDHA oversees, these spots must be reported to 311 to ensure they are addressed. Using the 311 app is fast and efficient, and photos of icy or neglected areas can be included. It should also be noted that all property owners are responsible for clearing city sidewalks adjacent to their property.

We encourage everyone to refer to this map which shows the areas ULS maintains under its NDHA contract (highlighted in red). Additional information can be found on the NDHA website in the FAQ section (see question 22).

The city also has an online map that shows all city-owned pathways and sidewalks that get cleared and who is responsible for clearing them: If you go to the Layers section and cancel the Snow Clearing By Other Agencies eye, it does become very clear where the city has responsibility. Unfortunately, this map doesn’t show any of the pathways owned by NDHA nor the paths behind Discovery Ridge Manor/Park/Mount (special circumstances), so the map’s usefulness is a bit limited.