DRCA Communications and Call for Ideas

A few times in the past weeks we have been asked how we communicate to residents. We hope the following information is helpful and answers your questions.

The communication channels the DRCA currently uses are:

  • DRCA Member Emails Sent via MailChimp – This is our primary and most efficient form of communication as we can quickly get information directly to residents. It is the most effective method. Unfortunately, we can only send emails to residents that have given us permission to do so by purchasing a current DRCA membership.
  • DRCA Website – Our website is located at www.discoveryridge.com. We post as much important information here as possible. It is accessible to all residents.
  • Ridge Review Newsletter – This is the official newsletter for Discovery Ridge. A paper copy is mailed to every household in the community. The DRCA pays for approximately half of the postage.
  • Social Media (FaceBook and Twitter) – These mechanisms are a great forum for certain things but they are not, and will not, be the first or primary form of communication for the DRCA. Note that there are two DRCA Facebook pages:
    • The first Facebook page is called Discovery Ridge Community Association. On this page you will find posts from the DRCA sharing information and advising of initiatives and events. It is available for anyone to read, and users can send the DRCA a message if they have questions. If you only want information and do not want to partake in community chats, this is the page for you!
    • The second Facebook page is called Discovery Ridge Community Discussion. This page was originally developed for residents to have conversations about all things related to Discovery Ridge such as asking for babysitters or sharing beautiful photos or warnings — neighbourly things. It is a public page; however, the recent use of the page is now under review. It is possible that this page will be switched to a private page. This would mean only DRCA members would have access to it, which we have been hesitant to do up until now. There will be more to come on this.
  • Temporary signs – On occasion, signs are placed at the entrance to the community.
  • Community Events, DRCA Board Meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Some residents have suggested that we should contact all households directly on some occasions. We would love to find an expense-free way to do this. It is a challenge that we would appreciate some thoughts on if you are willing. In addition to our direct emails to members, we do make information available to all residents in three formats as listed above. So, knowing this, we believe what some are referring to is perhaps the suggestion of creating direct-to-address, paper mailouts or something similar.

Here’s where you come in:

  1. Do you have an idea for how to communicate with every household in addition to what we are currently doing?
  2. If there would be a cost attached to implementing your idea, please advise how the idea would be funded.
  3. If volunteer time is required to implement your communication idea, would you volunteer to do it? Alternatively, suggest how the additional volunteer time required would be covered.

Email your suggestions or comments to drca_pres@discoveryridge.com.

It is important to note that while many have suggested that the New Discovery Homeowners’ Association (NDHA) could give us their database because they have most of the community’s email addresses, this is absolutely not possible. There is a host of privacy regulations that would be violated if the NDHA shared that database. It would be entirely inappropriate for the NDHA to do so.

We are looking forward to hearing tangible ideas and reviewing your suggestions.