Wildlife Affected Area Designation

The City of Calgary has advised us of the following, effective September 29th, 2023.

To help The City respond more rapidly in future situations when public safety is at risk, amendments to the Waste Bylaw 4M2020 have been made.
Discovery Ridge has now been temporarily designated a “wildlife affected” area.

  • Areas designated as “wildlife affected” have new requirements for residential waste storage and set out for collection.
  • Specifically, Calgarians in those areas need to store waste in a garage, shed or other secure enclosure. This applies to all carts and extra bags of yard waste or tag-a-bag garbage.
  • Calgarians in these areas are required to limit overnight set-out of residential waste for collection. Waste can be set out no earlier than 5:00 am on the day of collection, and empty carts returned to their secure storage enclosure no later than 7:00 pm on the day of collection.
  • Based on our research of other municipalities, overnight set-out of waste is the most significant attractant of bears and other wildlife.

For details, please go to The City of Calgary: City Council Agenda & Minutes and search for 4M2020.
This is part of a comprehensive approach that starts with awareness and education to keep citizens and wildlife safe. For more tips, go to calgary.ca/bearsmart.

The City will be notifying Discovery Ridge residents via:

  • Garbage Day app alerts
  • Social media posts
  • Updates on the City’s website
  • Letters mailed to residents

Questions and/or comments on this matter should be directed to 311.