Moose in Griffith Woods

PLEASE KEEP YOUR DISTANCE – as far away as possible! Many residents have seen one or more of the majestic moose in and around Griffith Woods recently. How lucky we are to live here with Griffith Woods and wildlife as our neighbours! However, this cohabitation can bring about safety concerns if we don’t handle ourselves appropriately. For the safety of yourself, the moose, and other residents who may encounter them in the future, please keep your distance and keep dogs on-leash.

Alberta Fish and Wildlife has been a very helpful partner in guiding our community with regard to how best to approach the moose situations. They advise the reason that moose charge is due to people getting too close. They may not even charge at the person that got too close but perhaps another innocent person further away. It is imperative that people do not get close, please do not try to get a better photo by moving towards a moose or have off-leash dogs that might run at the moose, thereby scaring them.

If you do encounter a moose, immediately back away from them to give them as much space as possible. If they do charge, run away as quickly as you are able to and step behind a large tree if need be.

Let’s leave the wildlife alone to enjoy their home in the woods, while keeping each other safe by simply keeping our distance from them!

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