Bottle Shack Art Project

The DRCA’s Bottle Shack, which is located in the parking lot on Discovery Ridge Boulevard across from the Cornerstone mall, is a sea container that was installed in 2020 as a permanent secure location for receiving refundable bottles and cans. These donations produce a significant amount of revenue, which helps our community association support the recreational facilities and other community events that make Discovery Ridge such a desirable place to live.

Last year, the DRCA Board decided that since the metal sea container bottle shack is a permanent feature in the community, the time had come to enhance it and make it a feature of our community space. After reviewing several options, the Board agreed that a wildlife scene was the most appropriate because it reflects Discovery Ridge’s unique position next to Griffith Woods. We will be supporting a local Alberta artist — Emily Beaudoin — who is hoping to start in mid-June (as weather permits), and the project will be completed this summer.

This is the current proposed mural, but we welcome and value your feedback. Look below the image for a place to submit comments.

Moose and baby with owl in woods