Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt!

We invite you to participate in the 1st (and we hope only) Annual
Social Distancing Easter Egg Hunt

Print our a few Easter Egg patterns that you can easily find on the internet (here is a LINK if you wish) . You or your children are encouraged to colour as many eggs as you wish and then hide them in your window or even your yard – get creative! Make sure they are there by Saturday night!

This Sunday, April 12, we invite you to take a walk (with appropriate social distancing!) through the community, take a few pictures and a tally of all the eggs you find! Once you’re finished your hunt, email your favourite picture and your number of eggs to

The top two households with the largest number of found eggs will win a
$25 gift certificate to either Javino or Maharajah.
All entries must be in by 5:00PM on April 12. 
(This contest will be on the honour system!)