Fundraising / Raise the Park


Raising the Park doesn’t just mean building it – it means developing long term pay off including quality of life, community spirit, pride, and increased property values. So in effort to help Raise the Park, we encourage you to put some of your time and dollars where it counts – RIGHT HERE IN YOUR COMMUNITY! Be a part of it – Raise the Park!


Donate Now – Tax receipts available for donations greater than $25
Go to the Donate now page


Save your bottles!
Bag returnable bottles and cartons and drop them at the “Discovery Ridge Bottle Drop” shed located at the soccer field parking lot, across from the Cornerstone stores. The concept here is to provide a service to the community making it easy for everyone to get rid of your bottles AND contribute to the recreational facilities at the same time. A true win/win scenario! REMEMBER all bottles must be in bags, then dropped in the shed. Thank you!


Volunteer – it doesn’t have to mean long hours
We need the time and voice of the village, and that means involvement from you! Sometimes we need ideas, sometimes we need an hour or two of your time, and if you are keen, we also need committee members for regular support. Please contact us today to sign up for volunteer activities (


Four simple ways you can Raise the Park

1) Save your bottles and make it a habit to drop them at the DRCA bottle bin coming soon to the soccer field parking lot

2) Donate money to the community association by emailing:

3) Sign up to volunteer even just for one small task!

4)Tell your friends – talk about what is happening in Discovery Ridge