Santa at Javinos & New Years Day Skate 2017!

Santa at Javinos!  Sunday, December 11th,  3:30 – 5:00 p.m.

Join us for crafts and fun as well as a visit from a special guest! Cookies will be served!

Please bring a new unwrapped toy for Toy Mountain and ensure you are a current DRCA Member.

Memberships can be purchased online at

New Years Day Skate!    January 1st, 1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Hot Chocolate and Cookies will be served!  Thanks to Time Music Studios for providing the tunes for the event!

Leisure Ice (no pucks/sticks):  1:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Rink:  1:00 – 2:00 U12 Shinny and 2:00 – 3:00 Teens & Adults Shinny

Thank you to the DRCA’s Special Events Committee for hosting this event.


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Awesome Cheesy Night!!

On behalf of everyone in Discovery Ridge, the DRCA would like to thank “Old Guys In Action”, along with the wonderful Javino’s team, for putting on an amazing cheesy night on November 10th. They raised $2,500 for benches at the Skate Shack! The Old Guys are tireless in their pursuit of creative fundraising ideas to support local and international causes. Ruby, Al and Sayed Murji helped organize and hosted the event and donated their time before, during and after. We are so fortunate to have both the Old Guys in Action and the Murji Family at Javinos in our corner, supporting DRCA fundraising to help make our great community even better. The Old Guys and the Murji’s understand the value of community and they work hard to bring us together whether it be at the local coffeeshop/wine bar or making us more comfortable at the rink.

As always, any event like this takes many volunteers, in Addition to the Old Guys, Ross Weaver and Bernie Potvin and Javino’s, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out, Johnny Sigurdson, Scotty McKay, Kelly McMurray, Maureen Mah, Sophia Weaver and Andrea Whitely from Project Longtable. We would also like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Kevin Natt from Discovery Ridge Fine Wines & Spirits and Stephanie Mainwood from E&J Gallo.

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SAY CHEESE!!! Grilled Cheese Night at Javino – Thursday, November 10th 5:00-10:00.


Fundraiser for Skate Shack Benches

$12.00 Grilled Cheese Package includes

  • One gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
  • Soup (tomato or chicken noodle) OR chips
  • Juice box OR water

(Beer or Wine add $5.00)

Sandwich choices:

  1. The Icebreaker

Canadian Cheddar on white bread

  1. The Hakuna Matata                                                                      

Habanera cheese on French loaf

  1. The Old Guys                                                                                                                

3 cheeses (extra old smoky cheddar, smelly blue & old goat) with sautéed prunes on ancient grains bread)

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City of Calgary Sign Survey. To access survey click here.

The City of Calgary’s sign survey directed toward temporary signs on public property (in Road Rights of Way) is now ready for input! Survey closes Monday, October 24th.  Please click here.

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Griffith Woods Clean-up, October 21st

Volunteers are needed to help pick up natural area woody debris in Griffith Woods on Friday, October 21. Volunteers can drop-in between 1 – 4 p.m.

Registration is located at the main parking lot along Discovery Ridge Blvd S.W.  Representatives from the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Fire Department, Calgary Community Standards and Calgary Parks will be on hand to speak about fire prevention and park management in natural areas.

Register in the main parking lot on event day or pre-register online here:

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Open House Fire Station #33

Saturday October 8th, 2016 1-4pm,  3800 69 St SW

 In conjunction with Fire Prevention Week – October 9-15, 2016.

Meet your local Fire Crew

Come see and sit in a fire truck

Make crafts & play games!!!

We hope to see you there!

The Calgary Fire Department

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Free Health Risk Assessment Sessions for the Community

The Discovery Ridge Pharmacy is proud to be part of such a great community. The support of Discovery Ridge residents has made the pharmacy’s first year a great success and they want to show their appreciation by raising community awareness about health risks.

October 29th is World Heart Day and November 14th is  World Diabetes day and the goal is to raise the community’s awareness about diabetes and heart diseases.
During World Heart and Diabetes Days, Discovery Ridge Pharmacy will be
offering community residents free Health Risk Assessment sessions. These
sessions will be held at Javino and all community members are welcome to
receive their free Health Risk Assessment on either of the 2 days.
The health risk assessment will include but not limited to the following:
– Body Fat Composition Analysis
– Blood Pressure Measurement
– Health Risk Assessment
– Medication Review (if needed; will be held on the pharmacy premises by
– Smoking Cessation Planning Brief

Please stay tuned for more details.

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The SW Ring Road is COMING

The SW leg of Calgary’s Ring Road is proceeding. Hopefully, you are aware that the Discovery Ridge Community Association (DRCA) Ring Road Committee continues to proactively work with Alberta Transportation (AT), our MLA and the Minister of Transportation to mitigate the potential impact of the imminent Southwest (SWCRR) and West Calgary Ring Road (WCRR) on our community. We are about to cross another critical milestone and we wanted to provide residents with a status update and important information about the segment of the Calgary Ring Road along our northern boundary.

Ring Road Timing & Status Update

Work crews have been active along Highway 8 over the past several months undertaking preliminary work of this P3 (Private Public Partnership) project. Mountain View Partners was selected earlier this year as the primary contractor and full construction of this 21 km segment, which runs from the Elbow Springs golf club, down through the Tsuut’ina reserve, to Spruce Meadows Trail and across to Macleod Trail SE is slated to begin this fall! The full definitive agreement with Mountain View Partners is expected to have been executed on September 13, a few weeks before the publication of this article. Completion is expected in 3 to 4 years.


As we noted in an earlier article, the Highway 8 portion of the Ring Road is now part of the SWCRR project set to begin construction this fall. The status of the WCRR project is still on hold and currently not anticipated to begin for another 3 to 4 years. However, the timing of the WCRR is contingent on Provincial budget decisions and actual cost of the SWCRR that will be better understood sometime in September or early October. More on this will follow in the next issue of the Ridge Review, so please stay tuned.


DRCA’s Context Sensitive Design Approach

As construction proceeds, the DRCA Ring Road Committee continues to focus on ensuring the roadway is designed and constructed in the most socio-economic and environmentally sensitive manner. We will be maintaining an active communication protocol with AT staff to ensure we are properly informed about key stages of the project and pass this information onto our residents while continuing to be on alert to ensure key context sensitive (not a one size fits all) design considerations are properly implemented, such as:


  • fiscally responsible design, especially in the current economic conditions;
  • accounting for changing lifestyle, demographic and mobility trends;
  • environmentally sensitive design and minimizing overall footprint/cost of roadway;
  • protecting/conserving as much existing vegetation and terrain as possible, especially close to our residents’ north property line adjacent the TUC;
  • innovative softscaping and above average sound attenuation;
  • strategic visual screening wherever possible;
  • strict controls on light pollution;
  • intelligent construction staging;
  • consistent communication protocols with AT during all stages of design and construction through to post construction; and
  • minimizing impact on property value.


DRCA Does NOT Support Regional Ring Road

Although the DRCA was able to convince AT to adapt the phase 1 roadway alignment farther away from our community’s north boundary, we continue to disagree with AT’s insistence to accommodate a Regional (second or outer) Ring Road in the current constructions design, a concept that was first introduced in 2006. This would mean that the TUC (Transportation Utility Corridor) adjacent to our community and all related overpasses are being planned to potentially accommodate a 14 to 16 lane highway in the future. The DRCA supports the development of the Ring Road, but we continue to lobby to change AT’s mandate and limit this highway to a single Ring Road with a maximum of 8 to 10 lanes. Our neighbouring communities of Springbank Hill and Elbow Valley also share this position.


Figure 1: West end of Roadway Proposed – Current


Figure 2: East end of Roadway Proposed – Current

Move Forward Objectives

At this point in time, we continue to work with our MLA Mike Ellis and the Minister of Transportation, Brian Mason, to see if we can shift AT’s current objective away from accommodating a second/regional ring road, and to pursue further value enhancing and cost savings engineering changes to the overall roadway design. Your Board and this committee are dedicated to continue the extensive dialogue with our elected officials and senior AT staff to ensure the best context sensitive, functional design is implemented.


The DRCA Ring Road Committee and your Board will endeavour to keep our community up to date on any new information on the status of the Southwest and West Calgary Ring Road.  In the meantime, more information regarding the Southwest and West Calgary Ring Road can be found on the Alberta Transportation website (links below).

You can also visit the DRCA website for past articles that deal with the Ring Road specific to our community.


Please feel free to contact our MLA Mike Ellis (, or Brian Mason (, the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure if you have any comments, questions and/or concerns about the Ring Road.


If you are interested in joining and/or helping out with the DRCA Ring Road Committee, please contact any DRCA Board member.

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Tree Wiring Event – Griffith Woods

Volunteer and help us protect trees in Griffith Woods before the beavers get busy preparing for winter. Join us for a volunteer wiring event, September 24, 9 a.m. – noon.
· Register here

The City’s approach to Beaver Management
The City’s practice is to try and strike a balance between health of the surrounding areas and the well being of the beavers.
When required, The City uses different measures to protect trees and property to make our river parks unappealing to beavers. Depending on the situation, we may use a combination of the following:
· Placing metal wiring around tree trunks.
· Planting varieties of trees along the shore that are less palatable.
· Placing under-dam drains to control water levels.
We consider all other options before turning to trapping. However, in some cases it is required. When we do remove beavers, we use traps that are designed to kill instantly. The traps are placed under water for the protection of dogs, park users and other wildlife, and are checked daily.
Unfortunately, relocation of beavers to another area is not an option. Alberta Environment and Parks does not support moving beavers. There is a low rate of beaver survival, and an increased risk of the transfer of diseases. Relocation can also upset the balance of ecological functions, and can potentially create future human-beaver conflicts.


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Development of Chessor Lands

Some of you may have noticed the small public notification signs at the end of Discovery Ridge Drive and driveway just east of our community’s main entrance. These signs are to inform people that the City of Calgary is considering the rezoning of this site, commonly known as ‘the Chessor lands’ (after applicant Mr Grieg Chessor). Development of this land has been considered for a long time and was included in the original 1998 Area Structure Plan (which was amended in 2013?).‎

The rezoning of this 5.42 Ha (13.4 acre) site will be subject of a Public Hearing on September 12th. The proposal includes a 22 unit townhouse development (M-G zone) and 42 single detached homes with secondary suites option (R1-s Zone) clustered around a central linear park and trails. When complete, new homeowners would need to become NDHA members registered on title and contribute to the NDHA for common landscape maintenance‎. The applicants have also agreed to make a voluntary contribution to our common Discovery Ridge recreation facilities.

The Discovery Ridge Community Association supports the rezoning application subject to re-consideration of the proposed secondary suites and conditions requiring construction access from Glenmore Trail. The applicant agrees with the DRCA position; however the City Planning department continues to advocate for the suites.

For more information on the proposal and the City’s Hearing process click here.

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