This is a list of individuals who have informed the Community Association that they offer babysitting services within the Community. This list is provided for information only, for the benefit of Discovery Ridge residents. We do not screen the babysitters or their families but are simply providing a list of names and numbers. This is not an endorsement of any of the individuals listed, nor is anyone involved with the Discovery Ridge Community Association or Newsletter responsible for the care received. Please ensure you check references before hiring a new babysitter.

Discovery Ridge Babysitters
Evan Baker: 403-616-9640

Siera Beckett: 403-203-5180

Mariah Gorecki: 403-836-3642

Jamie Basha: 403-604-1390

McKenna Bolger: 403-288-4605

Olivia Burns: 403-686-7019

Grace Froese:  403-217-9720

Shailyn Froese: 403-217-9720

Sarah Hougen: 403-835-6474

Anna Latinovic: 403-313-5568

Carrie MacNeill: 587-434-9526

Claire Moser: 403-209-3197

Brandon Phillips: 403-698-2792

Connor Radke: 587-585-1135Hailey Sanchez: 403-479-2670

Dana Sigordson: 403-249-1202

Scout Simard: 403-243-1388

Darby Stearn: 403 242-4291

Sarah Strilchuck: 403-210-2366

Samantha Tabak: 403-973-6810

Ben Tabak: 587-899-4140

Kirra Walsh (587) 575 3770 / (587) 575 3766

Jenna Westaway:  403-870-4422

Juliet Williams:  403-217-1063

Charlotte Wilson: 403-686-4323

Alexandra Wright: 403-276-9206

Jorja Basha: 403-619-3341

To add your name, or to make changes to your listing, please contact