Every Discovery Ridge resident owes it to themselves and their community to purchase a DRCA membership.

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But Why? What is in it for me as resident?

For the nominal fee of $25 PER YEAR, your membership pays for things such as:

  • Special Events (Stampede BBQ, Music in the Park, Children’s Santa events, etc.)
  • Support for the Recreation Facility (the means to manage and maintain the ice rinks and tennis courts)
  • Communications Channels (Ridge Review newsletter, website, Facebook, member only email notices, mail-outs)
  • Priority access to tennis registrations and other occasional member-only privileges
  •  Collective Voice – the City of Calgary takes note of what percentage of residents are members of the community association when that association lobbies for community-related concerns such as traffic, zoning, residential developments surrounding our community, etc. In recent years, the DRCA has realized that without a critical mass of active members, it will be increasingly difficult to effectively represent community concerns with City Council.

Are these benefits worth 7 cents a day?

Current members believe they are. The dedicated community volunteers believe they are. We need you to buy-in too. Please help to further establish the DRCA and join today.

How does a DRCA Membership REALLY benefit the community?

  • The average family of four, who partakes in the beautiful facilities and vibrant events that the DRCA has developed since the beginnings of Discovery Ridge, would pay approximately $1000 each year were they to participate and take advantage of these facilities and events outside of the community. This does not take into account the priceless value of the work that the board of directors puts in each year as the collective voice of Discovery Ridge.
  • Renters are part of the community too. The DRCA does not represent owners alone, it represents all residents. Discovery Ridge is governed by a board who value fiscal responsibility and who work tirelessly to provide a strong voice for residents, no matter how long their time in the community is.
  • Smaller households who may not partake in our recreational facilities or family events will appreciate that our board of directors is in regular communication with City and Provincial officials to share feedback and commentary from our residents. Additionally, our senior board members and supporting committees have and will continue to work with Alberta Transportation and the officials at SWCRR Project to ensure that our community is not adversely affected and that the overall scope of the SW Calgary Ring Roag Project is done with fiscal responsibility.

What does “collective voice” really mean?

From both the City of Calgary and the Province of Alberta’s viewpoint, the community association is the representation of Discovery Ridge collectively. That representative voice is far weaker than it should be for such a fabulous community as Discovery Ridge. We are often asked through processes such as Traffic Calming Study applications and CFEP Grant applications, to provide our membership statistics. With less than half of the households (626 of 1650), this statistic weakens our “voice” greatly in comparison to other communities in our area (70% membership is our goal to align with other communities). We feel we are sitting in the queue for our requests to be acted upon year after year because we require higher community representation as measured through membership levels. There is no reason we should have to wait for community concerns to be addressed simply because our residents have not purchased their $25 annual memberships. Other communities do it, so we see no reason ours cannot.

If you have not already done so, please purchase or renew your DRCA membership online today.  The Membership year runs from September 1st – August 31st.

DRCA Memberships Button

OR if you prefer you can download a Membership form and once completed, mail it along with your cheque to:

Discovery Ridge Community Association
160 Discovery Ridge Blvd.
Calgary, AB T3H 4Y3

If you have any further questions, please contact our Membership Committee via email at