Ring Road/Weaselhead

Hello Discovery Ridge Neighbours,

As was shared in a previous communication this spring, one of the bridges being constructed through the Weaselhead Natural Environment Park area as part of the Southwest Calgary Ring Road project is currently planned as a “cut and fill” design. In addition to numerous environmental concerns, this raises serious concern with regard to restricting water flow and dramatically increasing the risk of flooding in Discovery Ridge. We do not oppose construction of the Ring Road or an overpass/bridge but for a prolonged period of time we have raised concerns, in partnership with the communities around us and with YYC Cares, that this design presents potentially dangerous and disastrous results for our community.

We (the DRCA) filed a formal “Statement of Concern” with the Province of Alberta Environment and Parks Regulatory Approvals Centre in April 2017. We asked for the design to be reconsidered and for assurances that our special community was not going to be made increasingly vulnerable to flooding due to the design. Recently, our Statement of Concern was rejected for reasons that we deem to be wholly dismissive and completely insufficient. We are aware that several residents raised concerns themselves and also filed Statements of Concerns personally, all of which were, to our knowledge, rejected. Those who filed Statements of Concern, and were subsequently rejected, must now appeal these decisions if you wish to continue to raise concerns and insist that Discovery Ridge should be included in the “area of environmental impact associated with this proposed project”. It is our view that Discovery Ridge is simply NOT “outside the area of environmental impact associated with this proposed project” as stated by the Province as one of the reasons our Statement of Concern was rejected. How a community that will be subjected to increased risk of flooding with the current bridge design is “outside” the impact zone is beyond the collective belief of your Board.

As you may have heard in the press, a “Stop Work Order” has been put into place temporarily until the end of the week. Our Appeal will be submitted tomorrow. Residents have until this Friday to submit similar Appeals to their rejections should they so choose. The Appeal form can be accessed here: HERE

We have now been advised that the server used to receive Appeals has rejected one or more of the submitted Appeals thus far. Since there is potential for this to happen again, we recommend that once submitted, you follow up with a quick call to advise them it was submitted. Phone: 1-780-427-6207. You may also choose to fax a PDF of the Appeal to: 1-780-427-4693 and/or email it to: gilbert.vannes@gov.ab.ca.

If you did not file a Statement of Concern but still wish to be heard, in the event this matter goes to a hearing, the entire community (not just people that filed Statements of Concern) can attend to speak to this appeal. This means that thousands of residents of Discovery Ridge will have an opportunity to make their voices heard. We should not be silent on this matter as it is of grave concern.

Discovery Ridge Community Association Board of Directors

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