Christmas Tree Recycling Program Change – DROP OFF ONLY

***This is an update to the Christmas Tree Recycling Program which was previously printed in the Ridge Review under Richard Pootmans message on pg 11.

 In an effort to find budget savings, this year’s Christmas Tree Recycling program will be drop-off only. A previous edition of this newsletter was sent to print before the decision was made, but you can still turn your real Christmas tree into useful mulch instead of garbage through The City’s Christmas Tree Recycling program. By recycling trees into mulch, you can keep waste out of our landfills and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Residents can take their trees to one of 15 designated drop-off locations from December 26 – January 31.


Residents may drop off at the following landfill locations:

Spyhill Landfill* – 69 Street and 112 Avenue N.W.

East Calgary Landfill* – 17 Avenue and 68 Street S.E.

Shepard Landfill* – 114 Avenue and 68 Street S.E.


*Until Jan. 7, City landfills are open Monday to Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and closed on Sundays. As of Jan. 9, our landfill schedule is changing. Please check to confirm what days each site will be open.


There are 12 other drop-off locations available throughout the city:

Bowness – 7937 43 Avenue N.W.

Confederation Park – 905 30 Ave N.W.

Prairie Winds Park – South Parking Lot, 54th Ave. & Castleridge Blvd. N.E

Huntington Hills Athletic Park – 7920 4st at Huntstrom Dr N.E.

Bottomlands Park – St. George’s Drive and Seventh Avenue N.E.

Marda Loop Communities Association – 3130 16 Street S.W.

Parks Compound – 10312 Sacramento Drive S.W.

North Glenmore Park – 6615 37 St S.W.

Woodbine Athletic Park – 12625 24 St S.W.

Park 96 – 14660 Parkland Blvd S.E.

Pop Davies/ Ogden Athletic Park – Ogden Rd & Millican Rd S.E.

IKEA – 8000 11 St. S.E.


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