Awesome Cheesy Night!!

On behalf of everyone in Discovery Ridge, the DRCA would like to thank “Old Guys In Action”, along with the wonderful Javino’s team, for putting on an amazing cheesy night on November 10th. They raised $2,500 for benches at the Skate Shack! The Old Guys are tireless in their pursuit of creative fundraising ideas to support local and international causes. Ruby, Al and Sayed Murji helped organize and hosted the event and donated their time before, during and after. We are so fortunate to have both the Old Guys in Action and the Murji Family at Javinos in our corner, supporting DRCA fundraising to help make our great community even better. The Old Guys and the Murji’s understand the value of community and they work hard to bring us together whether it be at the local coffeeshop/wine bar or making us more comfortable at the rink.

As always, any event like this takes many volunteers, in Addition to the Old Guys, Ross Weaver and Bernie Potvin and Javino’s, we would like to thank all of the volunteers who helped out, Johnny Sigurdson, Scotty McKay, Kelly McMurray, Maureen Mah, Sophia Weaver and Andrea Whitely from Project Longtable. We would also like to acknowledge the generous sponsorship of Kevin Natt from Discovery Ridge Fine Wines & Spirits and Stephanie Mainwood from E&J Gallo.

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