Calgary West Ring Road Update.

As we heard from the Government of Alberta on March 26, the Southwest

Calgary Ring Road (SWCRR) is going ahead, but the West Calgary Ring Road

(WCRR) isn’t expected to begin construction until 2020-2021. Here’s what

this new direction means to the work that The City has undertaken:




Nothing changes with our project scope for the Southwest Calgary Ring

Road. This includes the following projects:


– Connections to the SWCRR at West Hills Way, 90 Avenue S.W., Southland

Drive, and 162 Avenue S.W.


– Widening Glenmore Trail, Anderson Road and Spruce Meadows Way


– Modifying the Crowchild Trail/Glenmore Trail interchange


The Council-directed traffic review on the downstream impacts to

Calgary’s road network is still underway for this area. It will now take

into consideration the Government of Alberta’s ring road timing (SWCRR-

begin construction in 2016; WCRR- begin construction in 2020-2021).

We’re still on schedule to report back to Council in Q4 2015 with the

results of this review.


We’ve been meeting with Alberta Transportation and communities regularly

over the past year and will continue to do so throughout 2015 as the

project progresses and road plans become available.




We’re reviewing how the new schedule to the WCRR (begin construction in

2020-2021) affects Calgary’s road network in this area. With the SWCRR

piece going ahead, we’re reviewing the timing, priority, and funding of

road improvements on Calgary’s west side because the SWCRR will open

three-four years before the WCRR opens.


While the Council-directed traffic review continues on the downstream

impacts in Calgary’s west side, we are changing the approach so the

traffic review reflects how the Government of Alberta is moving forward

with the final two ring road pieces. We plan to continue meeting with

communities about the project’s progress throughout 2015.




The ring road is owned and managed by the Government of Alberta. You can

find information on their role for the SWCRR: [1] and the

WCRR: [2].


You can find more information on The City’s role with the SWCRR and the

WCRR at [3].

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